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Mission:  MEDIATION SERVICES OF ADAMS COUNTY is a locally-based, non-profit organization, composed of certified volunteer mediators dedicated to the delivery of alternative dispute resolution services, as well as training in mediation and negotiation skills, at minimal cost, for individuals and groups in the Gettysburg area. We believe that effective mediation can transform relationships, truly enabling life changes.                                                                                   


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Fund-Raising With Flamingos

front yard flamingosFLOCKED! Mike Birkner and his daughter Joanna admire the flock of 24 flamingos which landed in their yard.  Supervising the flocking are Carolyn Quadarella and Andrew Miner of Mediation Services of Adams County, which has launched the flamingo project as a fundraiser. Smaller flocks of six birds each will appear in county yards throughout the summer.

Each year, Mediation Services launches a fund-raiser involving flocks of pink plastic flamingos.  Once the initial flock has landed in May, it will make its way around Adams County.  One bird in the flock will be tagged with a note reading, “You have been flocked. We would appreciate your contribution of $15 or more to have these birds removed or sent to a new location.” Each flock has a “tender” whose phone number appears on the tag. Upon receiving a call, the flock tender will come to collect your contribution and remove the birds. Of course, MSAC will appreciate your suggestion as to where to send the birds next! Perhaps you have friends who would get a kick out of being “flocked.” We hope that those chosen to be “flocked” will be good sports about the sudden appearance of six pink flamingos in their yards, and also willing to help MSAC raise funds. We expect flamingo flocking to continue through the summer months and to end each year with the Heritage Festival the third Sunday in September. We will of course accept mail donations from people who prefer not to be flocked (send to MSAC, Box 4113, Gettysburg, PA 17325). And should you want to “invite” a flock of flamingos to your yard, you may do so by calling the Mediation helpline at 717-334-7312. Call that number also to suggest a yard that might be “improved” by the brief appearance of six flamingos. Flamingo Tags Read as Follows: YOU HAVE BEEN “FLOCKED” BY MEDIATION SERVICES OF ADAMS COUNTY! For a suggested donation of $15 or more, you may negotiate to have these birds removed from your yard and/or sent to someone else’s yard. Call ________ to make arrangements for payment and removal. We appreciate your contribution to fund creative conflict resolution in Adams County. RULES:

  1. The flamingo flock must stay in Adams County.
  2. Please call 334-3871 to have the flock removed within one week.

To learn more about Mediation Services of Adams County, see our website: Helpline: 717-334-7312 E-mail: