Spring 2015

Annual Conflict Resolution & Mediation Training

Saturday, April 11- Sunday, April 12 and Saturday, April 25-Sunday, April 26

Once a year, usually in the spring, Mediation Services of Adams County offers a 22-hour training in Conflict Resolution and Mediation skills. The content of the workshop includes conflict styles, active listening, communication skills, negotiation, and mediation techniques. Role plays are extensively employed in order to practice resolving disputes of various types.

Dispute resolution skills are useful in the workplace, family, service organizations, municipalities, and community agencies. Mediation in particular is a dispute resolution technique designed to resolve problems which develop between people in many different settings. Individuals sit down with a trained mediator and work towards a mutually agreeable solution. Negotiation is a more informal one-on-one approach useful in everyday life.

Workshop scholarships are available on request for representatives from human service agencies or churches. Each agency may send one participant at the cost of $50; additional participants from that agency must pay the regular registration fee. Anyone who has previously taken the workshop and wishes to refresh his /her skills may enroll free of charge but should register using the current registration form.

Professionally trained and certified mediators from Mediation Services of Adams County will conduct all training sessions. For more information, or to obtain a registration form, call 717-334-7312 or e-mail  Registration forms are available on this website.