What Is Mediation?


  1. As a party to a conflict, you may call the Help Line 717-334-7312 and leave a message for MSAC’s Intake Coordinator (IC).
  2. The IC will call you back to briefly describe the mediation process, learn more about the conflict, obtain the name and contact information of the other party.
  3.  The IC will contact the other party to explain the mediation process and determine whether he/she is willing to negotiate.
  4. The IC will contact qualified mediators to work with you, assuring that there is no conflict of interest or personal relationship between mediators and disputants.
  5.  The mediator(s) will contact both parties concerning the time and the location of the mediation.
  6. The mediator(s) will meet you at the appointed place at the scheduled time and explain the mediation process. You will be asked to abide by a set of ground rules and sign an Agreement to Mediate. (Payment for the mediation from both disputants will be expected at the beginning of each session).
  7. Each party will be asked to tell his/her side of the story. The mediator(s) may ask questions to clarify or encourage you to present your issues, as well as your needs and interests.
  8. The mediator(s) will then list the main issues and ask each party to confirm the importance of each point.  Both parties will be asked to brainstorm for solutions.
  9. After various solutions have been evaluated, the mediator(s) will encourage the disputants to include the best ones in a mediation agreement beneficial to both sides.
  10. When both parties have confirmed the Mediation Agreement, the mediator(s) will write it out or print it, using a computer.  The mediator(s) and disputants will sign the agreement, and each disputant will receive a copy of it; a copy will also go in MSAC files.
  11. Finally, disputants will be asked to fill out an Evaluation form.
  12. The agreement and case description will be filed in a safe place.  Any notes or other statements taken down during the mediation will be destroyed.