Annual Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training

Once a year, usually in the spring, Mediation Services of Adams County offers a 22-hour training in Conflict Resolution and Mediation skills. The content of the workshop includes conflict styles, active listening, communication skills, negotiation, and mediation techniques. Role plays are extensively employed in order to practice resolving disputes of various types.

Dispute resolution skills are useful in the workplace, family, service organizations, municipalities, and community agencies. Mediation in particular is a dispute resolution technique designed to resolve problems which develop between people in many different settings. Individuals sit down with a trained mediator and work towards a mutually agreeable solution. Negotiation is a more informal one-on-one approach useful in everyday life.

The cost for training is $275 ($245 for early registration).   Scholarships for training are available upon request for representatives from human service agencies or churches. Each agency may send one participant at the cost of $75; additional participants from that agency must pay the regular registration fee. Anyone who has previously taken the workshop and wishes to refresh his /her skills may enroll free of charge but should register using the current registration form.

Professionally trained and certified mediators from Mediation Services of Adams County will conduct all training sessions. For more information, or to obtain a registration form, call 717-334-7312 or e-mail Registration forms are also available at the Adams County Library, the YWCA and this website. Use this printable registration form or register online.

Consider Facilitated Discussion

Mediation Services of Adams County is now adding Facilitated Discussion to its list of available services. We’re doing so because we came to the conclusion that it’s a skill that is fast disappearing as more and more of us spend time on social media rather than in face-to-face conversation.  We’ve also had several occasions to provide facilitated discussions for situations that didn’t seem quite right for mediation but needed the sort of guided discussion skills that mediators provide. Recently, we’ve helped several families resolve thorny problems that at first seemed insoluble.

Low-cost fees for Facilitated Discussion are similar to those which MSAC charges for Mediation and Conflict Coaching, based on a sliding income scale ranging from $5 to $50 per 2 to 3-hour session.  Why does it cost so little? The object is to make these services readily available for those on limited budgets.

Read more about facilitated discussion here.

For more information about the various services offered by Mediation Services of Adams County, consult call our Help Line at 717-334-7312.

Do You Need a Coach?

  • You may need a coach if you have a long-standing conflict that needs to be solved.
  • You may need a coach if your problem involves another party who won’t talk about the issue.
  • You may need a coach if you can’t decide whether to hire a lawyer or find a less expensive way to solve your dispute.
  • You may need a coach if you’d like to mediate but the other party won’t agree to it.

To inquire about Conflict Coaching, call 717-334-7312 or click here for more information.

Specialized Training Available on Request

Specialized conflict resolution training is available in the form of shorter sessions geared for the following populations: teens, organizations, local government, church congregations, families, re-entry groups and prisoners. Specialized training modules are priced as follows:

For Teens Only
6  hours –   $60   
Dealing with conflict
Communication skills
Mentored role play

For  Families
3 hours –   $35
Everyday problems
Communication skills
Resolving conflicts

For Organizations and Agencies
3 hours –   $35
Dealing with conflict
Communication skills

For Local Government bodies
3 hours –   $35
Dealing with conflict
Selected communication skills

For Church Congregations
4 hours –   $40      
Dealing with conflict
Mediating congregational disputes
Mentored role play

For Re-entry Groups/ Prisoners
3 hours –   $35
Dealing with conflict
Communication skills

Do you need a speaker to round out your program for next year?

Mediation Services of Adams County can provide one of three available 20-minute presentations, suitable for a meeting of your agency board or organization, concerning the process of mediation and the way in which MSAC, a non-profit organization, provides inexpensive conflict resolution services to individuals and groups in Adams County. The presentation can include a sample mediation provided by the presenters.

Presentation Topics:

  • The Mediation Process
  • The Work of Community Mediation Centers
  • How Inexpensive Conflict Resolution Services Help Individuals and Groups

For more information, call 717-334-7312 or e-mail

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