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We’ll Teach You How To Resolve Conflicts

Janet M. Powers

We’ve launched our new website – just in time to make it possible to register online for MSAC’s spring Conflict Resolution Workshop! If you’re thinking that you have no need for such a workshop, think again.  What we’re offering are basic skills in communication, conflict styles, managing conflict, negotiating, facilitation, brainstorming, problem solving and coming to agreement.  Virtually everyone who is part of a group needs these skills, whether it’s a church, a human services agency or municipal government.

If you take a look at the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators website, you’ll notice that virtually the same workshop in Basic Mediation Skills is being offered at sites all over Pennsylvania.  But if you look at the cost of those workshops, you’ll also notice that many are priced at double or triple what we charge here in Adams County.  In fact, people often come here from other places in the state, or even Washington, DC, to take advantage of our reasonably priced workshops. We’re definitely offering a good deal!

Why do we charge so little?  Because we believe that conflict resolution skills should not be treated as privileged information available only to the very few who can pay big bucks to learn how to deal with disputes.  Why do we give scholarships to workshop participants from churches or non-profit organizations?  Because we believe that agencies and organizations that have difficulty raising funds should not be doubly penalized by having to pay full price for skills their volunteers and employees desperately need.

That said, let’s get down to details. Mediation Services of Adams County will offer a 22-hour Conflict Resolution Training workshop beginning Friday evening March 1 from 6-10 PM and continuing all day Saturday, March 2, from 9 AM – 5 PM (including lunch), Sunday afternoon, March 3, 1-5 PM; Friday, March 8 from 6-10 PM and finishing Saturday, March 9 from 9-12 AM. All sessions will be held in Community Rooms A, B and C at the Gettysburg Hospital.

The cost of the workshop is $180, but those who register by Feb.15 will receive a $30 discount on the workshop fee, which covers training materials, snacks, and one lunch.  Workshop scholarships are available on request to representatives from churches and non-profit organizations.  Each agency may send one participant at the cost of $50; additional participants from that agency must pay the regular registration fee.  Checks should be drawn on the account of the church or non-profit organization.

Professionally trained and certified mediators from MSAC will conduct all training sessions.  For more information, call 334-7312 or e-mail mediationac@yahoo.com Registration forms are available at the YWCA and the Adams County Library in Gettysburg.  Prospective participants may also register online at our brand new website: www.mediateadams.org Additional information about Mediation Services is also available there – including frequently asked questions about mediation and a remarkable archive of previously published Times mediation columns. Check us out!

Janet M. Powers is MSAC Presiding Officer and Professor Emerita at Gettysburg College.