Affiliated Events

Educating Our Community

Mediation? Are you sure you don’t mean Meditation?  Or maybe Medication?  When we show up at Spring Fling every year to distribute information on how to resolve conflicts without going to court, we are often confused with other ways of healing problems. But yes, we mean mediation, and we make it our business to educate the community about ways to solve conflicts without costly lawsuits but with good relationships as a result. With that goal, we attend a number of community events each year to distribute conflict resolution information and anti-bullying materials.

You might see us at the Carroll Valley Night Out at their community building just west of Fairfield. It’s a family-friendly event featuring games, food and non-profit information. Carroll Valley is a borough which has taken advantage of MSAC’s low-cost conflict resolution process, so we’re pleased to partner with them in getting information out to adults and kids about solving problems peacefully, whether neighborhood issues or bullying.

In normal times, on the third Sunday in September, you’ll find us at the Adams County Heritage Festival from noon to 4 PM at the Gettysburg Rec Park on Long Lane. (Scroll down for more details about changes to the 2020 event caused by the pandemic.) This celebration of community unity is held annually to recognize the food, crafts and music of various ethnic groups here and abroad.  With no admission fee, the Festival is truly family-friendly event with a full afternoon of music and dance performances, delicious ethnic foods, craft demonstrators, cultural displays, special children’s activities and non-profit information booths.  Look for our anti-bullying display!

If you’re searching for a speaker for your organization, you might consider asking one of our MSAC Board Members to speak about the process of mediation and how it differs from other forms of conflict resolution such as arbitration, negotiation or family-group decision making.  If there is time, we can perform a scripted mediation to show just how problems are resolved.  And if your church or organization faces seemingly insoluble problems, MSAC can also provide a team of mediators to help you work through a difficult situation involving a large number of people.

The annual Giving Spree, sponsored by the Adams County Community Foundation, is usually held in November at the Gettysburg Area Middle School.  Like many local organizations, Mediation Services of Adams County depends on donations to keep our conflict resolution and information programs funded. The Giving Spree is an opportunity to donate to local agencies and non-profit organizations at an event which provides a percentage of matching funds. (Keep reading to learn more about changes to the event in 2020. We hope to see you at our virtual booth on November 5, 2020!)

Because MSAC is a long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce of Gettysburg and Adams County, one or more of our Board members usually attends the monthly Chamber Mixers.  That’s another opportunity to talk to us about why we believe mediation is a plus for our community and an opportunity for Adams County residents to learn to solve problems in less confrontational ways. Each year, we also offer a 22-hour Conflict and Mediation Training which prepares local government officers, organization leaders and human resource personnel to deal with thorny issues.


Adams County Heritage Fest 2020

Because of the pandemic and the need for social distancing, the 2020 Heritage Festival will be a lot different this year! First of all, it has moved online. Secondly, it been extended from one day to an entire month. Throughout all of September 2020, you can check out Heritage Festival events—cultural stories from the community, art projects, music, and dance—by clicking on this link: As always, the event is sponsored by the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice and the YWCA.

Adams County Community Foundation Giving Spree 2020

Every year, MSAC participates in the Adams County Community Foundation Giving Spree. We thank everyone who donated to MSAC in 2019. This year, because of the pandemic, the Giving Spree will be held entirely online on November 5, 2020. You can attend the spree and contribute to MSAC and other Adams County organizations by clicking on this link: Please note that the link will only be active on the day of the spree.

Spring Fling

The annual Spring Fling event is a health-and-wellness information fair in celebration of Older Americans Month. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the 2020 event was cancelled. When the event’s sponsor, the Adams County Office for Aging, provides details about the 2021 event, we will post them here.